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The MT4 program is unquestionably the world’s most popular Forex trading platform. Developed by MetaQuotes a trading software development company, its reputation is well deserved after years of consistently delivering outstanding performance combined with robust security. Using state of the art technology, Metatrader 4 automated trading software is specifically designed to be flexible and adaptive to the needs of Forex traders.

Built on a secure system, MT4 terminal is packed full of rich features that meet the needs of even the most demanding traders. For instance, programming with Expert Advisors (EAs) is one of the breakthroughs of automatic trading systems. It is relatively easy to use and with the right strategy you can amplify your profit possibilities. Other remarkable features available on our platform without restrictions are the tendency to use a scalping strategy and to hedge at any time of your choice. In general, all strategies are allowed making Gain a suitable place for all traders.

Also the customisation of the charts, the trade alarms and system notifications available on the platform help you maintain the utmost stability in your trading. It remains the leading trading platform in security concerns with 128 bits and even more sophisticated encryptions for safety of traders. In all standards, this entire user-friendly interface with the multiple language options, justifies the reason why the software caters for traders of any kind on a truly international scale.